No.1 Celebrity Approved Couples Massage Classes

It’s true. Prepare for you and your partner to learn the same techniques A-Listers, Allstars, Rockstars and Royalty have been requesting of our Founder, Meagan Holub, for years.

The Science of Touch

Learn celebrity favorite massage techniques that not only feel fantastic for you and your partner, but are proven safe and effective.

Deepen Your Connection

You’ll walk away from this uniquely focused experience feeling more in tune with your partner, through the power of touch.

Enhanced Communication

Many times we feel shy to say what we need or want. Our instructors make sure you get exactly what you both desire during your massage. 

Trusted Reputation trusts us with Sir Paul Mc Cartney, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and more. Trust us to treat you like the star you are.

The Love Institute is nothing without your love.

We learn, grow and challenge ourselves because of you. We aim to become the most trusted couples massage classes on the planet. When you leave us “We love The Love Institute” reviews on Yelp or email us directly with your concerns, we strive to be that much better. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy day and sending some love back our way.  

Send Us A Note

A memorable experience that brought my boyfriend and I even closer. We learned a lot more than I expected and now I feel 100% more confident with my massage skills... a fun and relaxing course that also teaches you how to better communicate what feels great to your partner.

Caroline F

I suggest every couple take this class IMMEDIATELY!!!! What could be more rewarding than learning new ways to please your partner?!?!? Ah yes, getting a nice, long massage from him!!!

Jenean B

The couples massage class exceeded our expectations. The class was fun and we learned so much, including simple and easy ideas to give each other stress relief with massage, pressure and touch.

Carla Y

My partner and I are in our 50's and even though the other couples were all in their 20's-30's, we felt very welcome and part of the group… a very enjoyable experience in a lovely setting.

Penny A

My boyfriend couldn’t make it, so I brought a friend with me and we had a blast! I learned a lot in just a short period! The class was fun AND relaxing...Thank you (Love Lab) for a GREAT experience, I really recommend taking this course, with your partner, friend, or sister.

Christina P

There is no way for me to express how good this class is. My girlfriend and I both learned a lot and feel a lot more confident about how we massage. The class is extremely fun and the teachers make it really entertaining... I can confidently speak for (my girlfriend), when I say she loved it too...

George S

My wife thought the massage she received from me through your tutelage was better than 90-95% of professional massages she’s received. Kudos to you and your staff.