Private Massage Lessons $325+

You and a partner learn to give a world class massage in the privacy of your home or hotel.  Because of the personalized instruction you receive in a private lesson you will learn up to two times more then in the group class environment. Our instructor will bring everything you need including the highest quality massage table, linens, lotions and music. Our instructors have been providing in home couples massages for VIPs for years and they combine this savvy with their love of couples massage instruction to make sure you have a wonderful experience. This private lesson is a great way to celebrate your partner, giving you both a unique and fun bonding experience as well as “the date that keeps on giving”. *Private lessons are essential for expecting couples who want to safely massage at home, to ensure the safety of the baby and mother to be, as the lessons are customized to teach to avoid places on her body that can induce early labor.

Customized Group Events $600+

Customized group events can be designed for 6 to 100s of couples in one class. We have enjoyed providing unique massage parties for family holiday events, wedding parties, bridal showers, church and workplace events. We a flexible schedule, we may be able to accommodate such events in one of our partnering studios, or we can bring the class to you. The class can be simple and cost effective, or luxurious and filled with champagne and gourmet goodies, and beautiful decor. We ask a for minimum of ten business days lead time for smaller classes to be arranged, and 21 days for larger or more intricate parties to be created to ensure we can meet your needs and create a wonderful, unique experience of your party.

We ensure a safe, professional class environment and we ask, in turn, that couples maintain personal boundaries during class.

To Schedule Private Lessons:

We do not offer online scheduling for private lessons. We customize this event for you and as such require you to contact us by email at Please state the dates and times that work best for you, your address, and any special instructions. Please remember to tell us if it’s special event or a surprise for your partner. The perfect instructor for your lesson will reach out to you as soon as we receive your instructions, and payment. To start this process, you may purchase a downloadable gift certificate for $300 in our online store .

If you have already made a purchase you would like to apply towards the lesson, please email us at to process the final payment accordingly. We do require payment up front for all private lessons scheduled. If you prefer particular massage instructor in your area, we will do our best to arrange it for you.

*Minimum prices are based on a travel range of 15 miles outside of the business address, in our Midwestern city locations. Additional charges will apply in urban areas, areas of high traffic, and outside of this travel range.

If the body is an instrument, massage is the song played upon it.

Meagan Holub, for's Music Cares honoring Sir Paul Mc Cartney

If everyone got a massage a day, there'd be less war in the world.

Meagan Holub

There is always this moment in every class, where someone leans down and kisses the forehead of their partner. Although they sneak this secret kiss, kisses like sneezes, must be contagious, because one by one the others in the room follow suit. I wait to witness this magic happen in every class.

Meagan Holub

Massage is good stuff, to be sure. But massage with love... is there anything better?

Meagan Holub