Meagan Holub acquired the nickname, “The Celebrity Massage Therapist” from her clientele of A-listers, rockstars and royalty … and ran with it. She authored The Magic Touch book series and offers continuing education classes under the same title. She is currently writing “Touch Types”, while continuing to globally expand her company, The Love Institute. Holub is trusted with VIPs at companies, such as The Oscars, The Grammys, Brad Pitt’s Make it Right; has been featured as a Couples Massage expert on NBC, CBS, VH1, in Men’s Health, and interviewed as a Celebrity Massage Therapist in Cosmopolitan Magazine; was on the cover of Massage Magazine in September of 2016 as a Business Expert, and much more.

Meagan shares her musings, offers business and lifestyle tips at L’umination Media. In her spare time she volunteers time with children and animals, lives abroad, decorates luxury properties, supports local arts and cuture, and brainstorms new ways to change the world.

To contact Meagan directly for collaborations or media opportunities send an email to