Couples Massage Classes

In our group couples massage classes you can expect to learn the very same massage techniques Meagan Holub has used to turn celebrities into raving fans of her work. You will learn to massage better, firmer, more gracefully and intuitively in a fun, safe, and beautiful class environment. Our Couples Massage Class 1 covers back, scalp and feet. Couples Massage Class 2 covers arms, legs and hands. And Couples Massage Class 3 covers back, shoulders, and head/ face tension relief points. Classes can be taken in any order. We highly recommend purchasing all three classes to learn to give a fantastic Full Body Massage for the one you love. While the classes do require two people, and have a high number of romantic couples attending, attendees do not need to be romantic partners. Friends, families, and anyone interested in learning the enviable skill of giving an excellent massage, is welcome. Likewise, this class is open to all ages and types of couples. We have only one requirement of you: be a loving human being who is ready to give to your partner, as well as receive. Take a peek at our schedule by choosing your city, here.

 Private Massage Lessons $300+

To learn more about our customized private lessons hosted in your home or hotel read more here .
Or to schedule now, simply email us and a lesson will be customized for you with the massage instructor of your choice.

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Coming soon! Access a variety of different ways to bond through touch, in your home. Online classes defined by your unique “touch types” as described in Meagan Holub’s upcoming book Touch Types: The Five languages of Touch, will help you unleash your inner massage guru and sample from our unique in home date ideas uploaded each and every month. To be added to our waitlist, email us here.

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2016 Oscars Gift Suite.
Jamie Fox and Meagan Holub of The Love Institute meet again.

Massage Products You need. Find highest quality, green factory, locall sourced massage products in our shop.

Massage products you need.
Find highest quality, green factory, locally sourced massage products in our shop.

The Love Institute Private Massage Lessons are taught in the comfort of your home, or hotel.

If the body is an instrument, massage is the song played upon it.

Meagan Holub, for's Music Cares honoring Sir Paul Mc Cartney

If everyone got a massage a day, there'd be less war in the world.

Meagan Holub

There is always this moment in every class, where someone leans down and kisses the forehead of their partner. Although they sneak this secret kiss, kisses like sneezes, must be contagious, because one by one the others in the room follow suit. I wait to witness this magic happen in every class.

Meagan Holub

Massage is good stuff, to be sure. But massage with love... is there anything better?

Meagan Holub