Men, please wear boxers or shorts under loose, comfortable clothing. Ladies, please wear a bikini top or other top that can easily be untied under loose, comfortable clothing. Please wear flat, secure shoes or go barefoot for safety. Our instructors are trained to protect modesty and remain in accordance with all local laws. While each class or event has a slightly different “vibe”- serious, funny, happy, studious, loving … it is always a safe and respectful environment. Our instructors are trained to ensure it is so.


Please bring water in a closed container to have with you at all times. All equipment is provided for you including high quality massage table, linens, lotions, mats, bolster pillows, and music except additional blankets. (If you get easily cold or have other special requirements, please bring extra blankets or anything you foresee you may need). Tips are a great way to say “Thank you” to your instructor and especially when you have purchased a deeply discounted class. Please have cash on hand to avoid the embarrassing moment that you want to tip and realize you’re only carrying plastic.


Our classes hosted since 2011 were inspired by massage techniques our founders celebrity clientele had requested of her for two decades. Couples Massage Class 1 showcased safe and effective back, neck and foot massage.  Couples Massage Class 2, taught to safely and effectively massage the hands, arms and legs. And Couples Massage Class 3 focused on back, shoulders, scalp and facial pressure points to help reduce headaches. All classes were reminiscent of Swedish massage techniques but redesigned for non professional home use. Learning how to use your body weight, rather than upper body strength and making the massage an enjoyable experience for both partners is emphasized, as well as enhancing communication with your partner through Touch Types© – the language of touch. While the newly revised private lesson is just 2 hours, we find it is the most safe and effective way to learn to massage with these separate classes combined, because of the one on one Instruction. You will walk away from this class giving a better, longer, massage then you ever thought possible. To schedule a private lesson, please send us an email.


As a company we are always striving to give the best possible customer service within our capabilities. We tried having an answering service and found it lacking in many ways. Quite simply, it wasn’t up to our standards. We have found that answering customer questions in email and having the ability for both parties to access the email at a later date for information reminders is the most accurate communication. Payments can be made via invoice or gift card purchase so you have full control of your transaction and know that you are using a safe banking channel without us having to hold your payment information for any reason at any time. To begin the scheduling you can quicken the process by purchasing a gift card for the retail price of the service and attach it to the email with all details of the service you’d like, date and time of event.  .


We offer a variety of training programs to suit your needs. Half day training programs are offered for companies who depend on employees giving a fantastic foot massage for customer retention such as nail salons. The Love Institute stamp of approval on these salons go a long way to attract savvy high paying customers that not only want the best nails but the most relaxing experience in the area. For a comprehensive training and Certificate of completion of the The Love Institute Teacher Training Program so that you may be able to fill your schedule with classes and lessons of the highest reputation in your area and offer a unique way to attract large groups of local couples to your business while increasing profits from bulk events, we can either provide four day custom events in your location, if we cover your area, or each winter one to four retreats will be offered in Sacred Valley Peru for a four day Certification Program between the months of November and April. Retreat centers and local tour guides have been vetted by us so if you wish to have the training proceeded by a tour of Machu Pichu and a shopping trip for local hand made textiles in in Pisac and/ or end the trip with a four day plant ceremony in a sacred, safe, environment amongst the best Shamans and kind hearted facilitators in Peru with vast experience in the sacred plant medicines of Ayahuasca, Huachuma, and Kambo, we can arrange this for you.  Email us to discuss this unique opportunity.


Do not come to classes or events as a single person if it is stated or implied as a “couples” event. Do not attend if you or your partner has any major health concerns or illnesses, lesions, wounds or cystic acne in areas that may be touched. Do not attend if you are not able to be accommodated on a 500 lb. capacity table including work weight (pressure applied during treatments). Please do not attend if you are pregnant without first requesting written approval. Do not attend with physical limitations without telling us so we can  assure accommodation. Some of the 2nd floor studios we rent from only have stair access. If you need a ramp to enter a studio, or you have any questions about the contraindications listed, please email us. You will be asked to be pre-approved after a more strict medical assessment by partnering retreats in Peru involving plant medicine such as Kambo, Ayahuasca, or Huachma. All information is confidential. We reserve the right to deny entry based on medical contraindications and do not accept responsibility for any individuals that attend class with contraindicated conditions and/ or have adverse reactions that result in illness or injury and we reserve the right to not admit at risk individuals into any class, event or retreat to remain within safety guidelines. However, we will always do our best to accommodate individuals with special needs in customized private lessons in available cities so ultimate safety and comfort of both giver and receiver is assured.


Proof of medical emergency is required to cancel/ reschedule to avoid a charge of 100% of the retail price of your scheduled appointment including lessons, events and retreats. Only medical emergencies with written documentation or receipt from a qualified medical professional are exempt from this policy. In cases of late arrivals, the instructor will determine based on their schedule if they can extend the appointment, but are only required to start and end at the agreed upon time. Also, please do not assume that a Daily Deal voucher will cover no show fees as this is not lawful in most states. These policies allow us to guarantee a safe, comfortable class experience for all attendees by providing the very best instructors and facilitators available globally. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Email us directly to customize and schedule a lesson or event or retreat.  If you’d like to apply a previously purchased expired gift card or daily deal please attach your voucher (or other proof of purchase) in the email. In any request we will need to know the city in which you are requesting an appointment and if possible any dates and times you are available. We recommend you provide two weeks notice for private lesson scheduling, three weeks for custom events, and four weeks or more if you are looking to schedule on or near a holiday. We provide you payment invoice, or gift card options. 


Gift certificates and expired Daily Deal vouchers are non-refundable. We continue to accept the price you paid to all equivalent services available in accordance with the strictest State Gift Certificate Laws as a courtesy. For example, if you paid $60 for a voucher but it has expired you can subtract the $60 credit from a $395 lesson, leaving a balance of $335. Just email us with the original proof of purchase.



In the cities listed on our contact page we offer customized events in your home, business or organization. Touch Types© interactive education is an incredible training ground for employees to understand touch boundaries, while The Love Institute™ self massage training can be provided to employees who are at risk of repetitive stress injuries of the hands, wrists and carpels from long hours on the computer, resulting in higher levels of productivity and less injuries that require sick leave. We have found church events focused on healthy relationship activities between couples have left us glowing reviews, and bachelorette parties are filled with happy female friends learning how to massage one another as a modern upgrade from the usual cooking classes. Email us to customize your event today.