The Love Institute™ Training Certification 

Health providers and holistic studios owners across the globe have been requesting the opportunity to learn the trade secrets of the most respected, trusted, and frequented couples massage classes in the world, and we are finally offering this long awaited opportunity. Our grand opening Teacher Trainings with Certification for you to be able to host The Love Institute classes and private lessons at your business  begin in the gorgeous Sacred Valley Peru between in the winter months of 2024 and into spring of 2025. The Certification course is four days long, and can be proceeded by two days of tours of Machu Pichu and shopping for textiles in Pisac, and/or followed up by a four day plant medicine retreat hosted by retreats vetted by our Founder, Meagan Holub, for safety, purity.  Afterward you will be certified by The Love Institute™ to understand our unique and long standing system which is known globally as the leader in couples massage classes in terms of trust, safety, efficiency, by both clients and media. We are happy to show earning potential in official numbers earned throughout company, and we are offering this in cities where we have established and secured earnings since 2011 so that you may benefit from our brand. These ten specific cities will require a higher fee for Certification and approval to teach within than others and it can be arranged for us to send referrals to you for an agreed upon contractual fee so your business will be off the ground on day one.  We offer payment plans if needed. For details and to customize your certification experience email us.

Touch Types© Events and Retreats

We customize events in your workplace, church or other venue based on the principles of author Meagan Holub’s upcoming book “Touch Types: The 5 Languages of Touch”. In these events, couples, partners, or work teams, or groups, will be able to take short tests defining your unique, individual Touch Type and learn how you preferences interrelate in order to enhance your relationship increase your athletic performance or workplace cohesion resulting in profits – through understanding how to communicate the most powerful language of all. Until now, the language of touch has been a mystery for many. In this book, Meagan strips away the myth that everyone thinks about touch the same way,  and explains how you and your partners, family, friends and associates can communicate through each others uniquely preferred language of touch, further enhancing the bond you already have and ensuring the most peaceful, productive dynamics in all relationships. Meagan also offers one on one consultation and has helped heal marriages on the brink of divorce,  increase pro athletic performance, and decrease HR complaints by 80% within Forbes listed companies with this break through information. Transform your world through the discovery of the most ancient and important language, of all: touch. Email us to discuss Touch Types© consulting, event or retreats that best suit your needs.