Online Membership $50/month

We’re going global! We’re very excited to announce that The Love Institute is offering online classes for couples starting in late summer, 2016. We’ll be offering live stream couples massage classes including classes designed specifically for pregnant couples, and gay and lesbian couples, shorter more specific training in a wide variety of modalities than are currently offered in our group classes, and much, much, more. Deepen the connection with your partner, in the comfort of your own home and be committed to a “date night” that is so much more than dinner and a movie, each and every month. You owe it to one another to be a member of The Love Institute.  Deepen your connection through the ritual of daily massage and enhanced communication through the Language of Touch, as featured in the upcoming book by our Founder and celebrity Massage Therapist, Meagan Holub. Don’t wait to love deeper, touch better, and bond like never before. Sign up for your membership today and be the first to enter into the video library when it’s released.

VIP Online Membership $750

In our VIP Online Membership, you receive all the same benefits as the Online Class Membership for a total of 12 months, but also receive one 2 hour Livestream Private Lesson valued at $150, customized for you and your partners needs, with the Instructor of your choice.  You will be sent an Earth Lite massage table and creme package valued at $250, for you to begin massaging like a massage pro, right away. You will be offered exclusive discounts on our products seasonally, not offered anywhere else. Best of all, you will receive a hand signed copy of Meagan Holub’s upcoming book “The Language of Touch” upon it’s release. (For some of you early birds, even before it hits the market. Exciting!). In this book, you and your partner will be able to take short tests defining your unique, individual Touch Type and learn how you preferences interrelate in order to enhance your relationship through the most powerful language of all. Until now, the language of touch has been a mystery for many. In this book, Meagan strips away the myth that everyone thinks about touch the same way,  and explains how you and your partner can communicate through each others uniquely preferred language of touch, further enhancing the bond you already have. All through the discover and sharing of the most ancient and important language, of all: touch.